Letter of the Editorial Board of the Informational Bulletin Cell Cultures,    April 2003   

Dear colleagues,

    The Cell Culture Association is planning to publish the next issue of the Informational Bulletin of the same volume as the current one. The goal of our publication is to unite researchers that use cell cultures for solving fundamental problems of cell and molecular biology as well as for practical tasks. In this connection, we are planning to continue to publish the material of the following areas:

1.  The main directions of studies on cell cultures in institutions of Russia.      

2.  Cell biotechnology and tissue engineering.

3.   Development of a problem

4.   New methods of studies on cell cultures.

5.   Technical information (new materials, instruments).

6.   Chronicle (information on scientific meetings, conferences, etc.).

7.    Miscellaneous (reviews of books published in the current year, etc.).

The Editorial Board will appreciate getting any information for the above sections.


Instructions for authors


The paper should not exceed 10 manuscript pages. The manuscript is to be accompanied by recommendation addressed to the Editorial Board of the Information Bulletin from the institution in which the work has been carried out. The paper should contain a brief resume, with the tittle of the work, names of the authors, institution, city.

The manuscript is to be accompanied by its electron variant: one file in MS Word for Windows. The file should have the font Arial Narrow, 13; interline difference 1.5; the indented line 0.5 cm; the upper margin  2.5 cm, other margins 2.1 cm each. The file may be e-mailed to the address of the Editorial Board.


Address of the Editorial Board


Dr. M.Bogdanova, Institute of Cytology RAS, Tikhoretsky Prosp. 4, St. Petersburg 194064, Russia.   Tel.: (812) 247-53-10,    fax: (812) 247-03-41,