Members of the CCA and of the Russian Brunch of the ETCS can be researchers both citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners who reach 18 years,

share goals and tasks of the CCA, accept the Rules of the CCA, and participate in its activity.


Acceptance of members to the CCA is performed by the Board on the basis of the personal request.


The application with request for acceptance to the CCA membership is addressed to the President, Prof. G.P.Pinaev, Biol.Sci.D.

The application is added with the form filled  in Russian and English as well as with a copy of the postal money order of the

membership fee (for non-residents of St. Petersburg).


   The form is to indicate:


-the last name, the first name, the middle name (patronymic) (completely);


-the scientific degree and title;


- the position;


- the title of the institution and affiliation (completely);


- the business and home addresses (with zip codes);


- the telephone numbers business and home;


- the fax number;


- the e-mail address;


- the field of scientific interests (key words).

The annual membership fees for the ACC 50 rubles, for student 30 rubles. The annual membership for the ETCS - $6.

The application, the filled form, and the membership fees are to be mailed to the treasurer  Alla Guseva: Institute of Cytology RAS,

Tikhoretsky Prosp. 4, St. Petersburg. 194064  Russia. E-mail:

The CCA members should follow requirements of the CCA Rules, obey decisions of the Board, and pay membership fees at proper time.