Origin: Insect, ovary Spodoptera frugiperda pupa, clone of IPLB-SF 21 AE.

In vitro 1977. 4: 134.

Morphology: epitelial-like

Mode of cultivation: monolayer

Conditions for cultivation: medium - SF-900 11 SFM Grec

serum - BS 10%

cryoconservation - culture medium 60%, FBS 10% DMSO 10%, 5.0x106 cells/ml in ampule

Viability after cryoconservation: 75% (0 passage, dye trypan blue)

Sterility: tests for bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma were negative

Other properties:

virus susceptibility: baculoviruses

Applications: cell biology, biotechnology

Collections: ATCC, MWIEV