PCC4 aza1

Origin: mouse strain 129, testicular teratocarcinoma.

            Exp.Cell Res. 1979. 120: 1.

Morphology:  epithelial-like

Mode of cultivation: monolayer

Conditions for cultivation: medium - DMEM

serum -   FBS 10%

subculture procedure - cells detach from flask using trypsin 0.25%:

EDTA  0.02% (1:2), do not allow cultures to become completely confluent.

cryoconservation - growth medium, 10% DMSO, 1.0x106 cells/ml in ampule

Viability after cryoconservation:     90% (0 passage, dye trypan blue)

Sterility: tests for bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma were negative

Species: karyological analysis

Other properties:

deficient in hypoxanthine phosphoribosyl transferase

Resistant to 8-azaguanine and 6-thioguanine

Applications:  cell biology.

Collections: SPBIC.