B 95-8

Origin: monkey (marmoset), leucocytes, transformed by Epstein-Barr virus

Morphology:  lymphoblast-like

Mode of cultivation:  suspension

Conditions for cultivation: medium -  RPMI 1640

serum -   FBS 10%

subculture procedure - optimal population density  2.0-5.0105 cells/ml

cryoconservation - medium - RPMI 1640, FBS 20%, 

glycerol 10%,  5.0-10.0106 cells/ml in ampule

Viability after cryoconservation:   93 % (0 passage, dye trypan blue)

Sterility: tests for bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma were negative

Species: karyological and isoenzymological (LDH, G6PD) analysis.

Karyology:   2n=60 , variability in the range between 40-48  chromosomes,

modal number of chromosomes 45, number of polyploid cells 2.0%.

Other properties:

virus susceptibility: vesicular stomatitis ; alphaviruses.

Production of EBV

Applications:  virology, biotechnology.

Collections: ATCC CRL 1612, DSM (ACC100), ECACC 85011419; ICLC ATL 95004; MWIIW.