Origin: hybrid cells - pig kidney SPEV TK- x equine lymphocytes .

Agricultural Biology 1990. N2: 182-187; USSR Patent N1417475,1988.

Morphology: epithelial- and lymphocyte-like

Mode of cultivation: monolayer, roller, suspension.

Conditions for cultivation: medium - EMEM, DMEM

serum - FBS 10%

subculture procedure - cells detach from flask using EDTA 0,02%, split ratio 1:6-1:8.

cryoconservation - culture medium 50%, FBS 40%, DMSO 10%, 2-3x106 cells/ml in ampule

Viability after cryoconservation: 80-90%(0 passage, dye trypan blue)

Sterility: tests for bacteria,fungi and mycoplasma were negative.

Species : karyological analysis

Other properties:

virus susceptibility: equine herpes virus type 1 and 3, equine reovirus type 3.

Applications: virology, biotechnology

Collections: MWIEV