IPHR DM8 (Dioscorea deltoidea Wall.)

Origin: IPHR D1 after treatment by mutagene, cell selection on the altered medium -

Morphology: light-yellow biomass

Mode of cultivation: solid and liquid medium

Conditions for cultivation: modified medium - MS (without hormones)

subculture  procedure  - change of solid medium on the 30th day of cultivation,

liquid medium on the 14th day

cryoconservation-growth medium, 7% DMSO

Viability after cryoconservation: 30%(dye phenosafranin)

Sterility: tests for bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma were negative

Species: karyological analysis, biochemical determination of secondary substances

Karyology: 2n=20, variability in the range between 9-70 chromosomes, modal class 2n, aneuploid cells

Other properties:

producer of diosgenin and furostanol glycosides

Applications: cell biology, biotechnology

Collections : RCPC