††† The Russian Branch of the European Tissue Culture Society (ETCS) represents the Cell Cultures  Association (CCA) founded in 1991. At present the CCA includes 109 researchers; however, not all CCA members are registered in the Russian Branch of the ETCS. One of the reasons for this is financial problems.

    Directing bodies of the CCA are General Meeting of CCA members and the Board headed by the President. The General Meeting is called by the Board no less than once per 4 years. The General Meeting may take decision on any aspects of the CCA activity. The Board is a permanently operating management body of the CCA. The Board and the President are elected by the CCA General Meeting for 4 years.

      The goal of the foundation and the main tasks of activity of the CCA and of the Russian Branch of the ETCS are:


- unification and defense of rights of researches dealing with studies and application of cell cultures;


- assistance in development of theoretical and applied studies on cell cultures;


- assistance in maintaining and development of the Russian Cell Culture Collection that collects, characterizes, and stores standard cell lines and provides with samples of these lines the country research institutions as well as biomedical industry;


- consultative help, assistance in training of researchers in the field of culturing human, animal and plant cells;


- assistance in development and improvement of scientific and educational programs, application and use in Russia of the world experience in culturing and use of human, animal and plant cells;


- unification and coordination of scientistsí efforts promoting  appearance of new areas for application of cell cultures in cell biology and biotechnology, medicine and agriculture to  maximally  exploit the potential of cell cultures, development of methods of cell culturing;


- assistance in efforts of the CCA members in characterization of cell lines, chromosomal analysis, determination of contaminations of cell cultures, biological testing of devices, materials, reagents;


- development of international cooperation in the field of science and education.